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Out of office reply

October 13, 2008

Hello all. Sorry for disappearing, just when things were going so well. We’ve wanted to write and fill everyone in on all the big news around here, but that’s the thing about big news- it usually comes with a lot of hustle and bustle, and that’s mostly what we’ve been up to.

So what’s all the hustle and bustle about? After four years Two Paperdolls and Louella have finally outgrown our spot here on Louella Court and we’re expanding with a move to a new location! Not to worry for those of you in the area, we’ll be just down the street… Still within walking distance of Johnnie’s Dog House milkshakes and fries. So mark your calendars- on Monday October 27th we will open the doors to our new and improved studio on West Avenue in Wayne!

When we close the doors on our storefront at the end of this week there are certainly things we will miss, but for the most part we are looking forward to the perks of all working in the same building with lots of studio and office space, and plenty of room for our presses and storage. And speaking of perks, we are beyond thrilled to be working with an amazing duo of interior designers at the new location. As designers ourselves, we realize the importance of putting this sort of large project in the hands of professionals, and that is just what we’ve been able to do with Winnie King and Laurie Shipley of Environements HC. The two have a unique talent for understanding the needs and style of a client, and bringing together an amazing mix of color, lighting, custom furniture and art. And it doesn’t hurt that their humor and patience means that working with them is a lot of fun, even in the midst of a move! Needless to say, we’re lucky to have their hands in turning a humble office building into a beautiful space that we will be proud to invite clients and friends to.

By now, we hope you’re wondering (like we are) what the studio will look like when it’s all said and done. Of course we’ll be posting plenty of photos with details about the transformation once we’re settled, but for now here’s a little sneak peek of what’s in store…

An organic linen paired with a pop of teal?

Imagine this in charcoal black

Storage anyone?

Stunning Simon Pearce

Love this silhouette

Check back soon for an update, complete with lots of photos of our new studio! For more information about Environments HC contact:


Two Paperdolls on NBC10!

September 11, 2008

I’ve been very reluctant to say goodbye to summer this year, but the good news is that the change in season means a fresh round of design trends and inspiration. The Knot’s Rebecca Dolgin talked about some of these fall looks in wedding stationery on NBC10! yesterday, using our designs for example. I must say, it was pretty exciting to see our work showcased, and alongside one of our favorite florists no less! Click here to see the full clip… You may recognize one of the designs.

HOW did that happen?*

September 5, 2008

With as much thought and planning that goes into our designs, it’s very exciting when we get a nod from an internationally respected design publication. That is why we are thrilled to announce that we received an Award of Merit in HOW magazine’s 2008 Self-Promotion Design Annual.

The award went to one of our favorite pieces, an invitation to our Designs and Desserts cocktail party during the National Stationery Show last year.

And though we all share in our high points as a team, special credit for this unique design goes to Lauren Mummé and Vanessa Kreckel, who worked right down to the deadline brainstorming, designing and perfecting the details that make this piece stand out.

Congratulations ladies!

And just in case the Designs and Desserts piqued your interest, here is a snapshot of the favor table before the party. We were on a sugar high for weeks!

*HOW did the title of this post happen? I have a love/hate relationship with puns. Somewhere around the time I discovered The Hairport near my apartment I realized that I had a grudging affection for word play. It’s the “so bad it’s good” syndrom. Hence the title of this post… I just couldn’t help myself.

An elegant evening

August 29, 2008

At Louella Press, we love the opportunity to design a custom variation on one of our engraved pieces, and the invitations for this sophisticated affair are a perfect example. This chic couple came to our Chicago retailer, Pulp and Ink, and chose our Urban Flourish invitation. When they decided to add an extra bit of flair, we set to work and came up with the contemporary flower motif pictured below. The bride liked it so much that she incorporated the flower through the programs, place cards and menus that we also designed. To tie everything together, we sent our invitation design to the talented Chicago baker, Takes The Cake, and you’ll see how they used the florals in their stunning cake design. It’s always a treat to see how the pieces come together for a gorgeous evening!

Thanks so much to Artistin Events in Chicago for their beautiful photos of the soiree!

Hearn colage

An elegant evening

For more photos of the invitations, please see the custom work on our website. Photos nine and ten are of this unique peice. The inviation and all day of items were engraved in three colors on our stunning metallic gold stock.

In related news, we weren’t the only ones raising our eyebrows at the details of this sophisticated evening. You can find the wedding (along with lots of photos of our work) in the Summer 2008 issue of Inside Weddings. This magazine is well known for documenting unique and beautiful weddings for all different tastes. Pick up a copy while it’s still on the stands!

Inside Weddings Summer 2008

Inside Weddings Summer 2008

Inside Weddings Summer 2008 Hearn Story

Inside Weddings Summer 2008 Hearn Story

Cool black and white wedding

August 8, 2008

It’s been rather hot around here, and so we’ve found ourselves wistfully looking at photos of cooler weather. Among them, these detail shots of area photographer Laura Novak’s chic winter wedding this past February. It’s always exciting to do an invitation for a vendor we work with, and I know Vanessa was thrilled to create Laura’s unique stationery suite. Her invites were letterpressed on thick cotton stock, before being duplexed to the offset pattern pictured below. Because the crisp white invite begged for the contrast of a dark envelope, Laura choose jet black lined with pink for both her outer and response envelopes. Both were engraved with her hot pink motif, and hand caligraphied by Betsy Dunlap in white.

And as you may have noticed, we can’t get enough of our black, white and punchy pink motif, and couldn’t resist one more post on the subject!

If you’d like too see more fun photos of this wedding and the day of items we designed for Laura, check out these posts on the Bride’s Cafe: pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3.

Clark’s glamour shot

August 1, 2008

All we need is a red wool scarf and we’ve got the cover for the new J.Crew catalog … Here is Clark looking regal for the camera during his first official photo shoot. You can really see his eyes in this one- one brown and one clear blue. This little genetic gift is the very reason the puppy is with us instead of becoming a show dog. In the world of “Best in Show,” this sort of trait is considered a bad thing, when we feel like it only makes him cuter!

At 12 weeks Clark weighs in at a full 14 pounds heavier than when we met him. He is certainly hard at work putting on those LBs and teething… And he doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon!

Real Spring Chic Wedding

August 1, 2008

We’re thrilled to end the week with a few photos from another real wedding. This special day was a refined affair at the Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia, and I love how the bride chose light spring colors to create a fresh feel in the ballroom. Photos are compliments of our talented friend and area photographer, Laura Novak. Take a look at how our bride, Olivia, chose to incorporate the pattern we used for her invitation on several of her day of details. The result is a very chic “put together” look.

As always, feel free to click on the image for a closer look. Have a fabulous weekend all, and we’ll look forward to seeing you back here next week!

Black and white with a twist

July 31, 2008

Posting about all the fun details of Jaclyn and Dan’s wedding reminded us of how much we love black and white with a punch of juicy pink. Here are a few ways we’ve been using this combination recently…

Clockwise from top left: Custom two color letterpress invitation by Two Paperdolls / Daffoldil Bouquet design in black and white by Louella Press / Mantilla design, invitation and celebration card as shown in album by Louella Press / Custom engraved and offset invitation suite by Louella Press at Two Paperdolls

Jaclyn + Dan

July 23, 2008

We’re always thrilled when we get to see some of our work “in action” and these beautiful photos from Jaclyn and Dan’s wedding by the talented Marie Labbancz are no exception! As I mentioned earlier in this post, we were lucky to help this fun-loving couple fill their day with lots of personal touches that included the custom monogram and patterns we designed for them. In our minds, black and white is always a good idea, especially with a splash of deep pink, and we love how Jaclyn and Dan kept this look going through all the details of their day.

Clockwise from top: A basket of Jaclyn and Dan’s custom programs await guests / Miniature photo book favors bearing a well wish from the bride and groom / Jaclyn and Dan cutting loose on the dance floor near the lighted monogram we designed for their suite / Cocktail napkins are so much prettier with a little punch of color / The couple’s sweetheart table marked off by one of our signs. The flowers beside it by one of the best floral designers we know- Beautiful Blooms / Flip flops with the custom design we created were given out after the ceremony / A second view of the flops / That menu we know and love / The invitation suite that started it all!

Flavor Favorites Pt. 2

July 21, 2008

I learned a very useful new word this weekend from our friend Maggie Mae; schnibbles. Maggie uses this word to describe the way she likes to eat… A little of this, a little of that… Bites and nibbles. Schnibbles. I love this word, and I love this way of eating. In restaurants I often prefer to order a couple of small dishes, and when I do order an entrée it’s always the sides that sell me. The same goes for my choice of favorite wedding menus. It hardly phases me that each of my favorites features a meaty entrée, when I myself am a vegetarian. I certainly don’t begrudge other people eating meat; my husband would love these featured fillets, and he’s welcome to mine while I sample the blue cheese, spiced pecans and caramelized garlic scallop potatoes. That said, allow me to introduce the remaining three of my top five favorite menus…

• Sophie and Lance

Design by Two Paperdolls

This menu dates back a couple of years to a beautiful outdoor wedding at a nearby farm. Everything about the day was simple and natural, from the earthy letterpress invitations and day of items, to the healthy and seemingly delicious late summer menu. Caterer Peter Callahan, a favorite of Martha Stewart Weddings, matched the feel of the evening with this amazing combination of tastes, but admittedly what has my eye here are the sweet endings. Because the celebration continued into the wee hours, there were plenty of butlered treats to go around long after dinner had been served. I love the idea of these one-bite desserts that allow for a little sample of everything during late-night breaks from the dance floor!

• Kate and Adam (photos three and four are Kate’s suite)

Design by Louella Press

This one comes from our friend Kate at An early Louella order, we were extremely flattered that she chose us for her wedding suite, and loved her idea of incorporating our wave note card design into her engraved invitations and day of items. Kate and Adam’s wedding on the California bluffs sounded amazing, and so did her menu. The bookends of this meal are what got me, starting things off with a bit of lobster and avocado and finishing with an assortment extremely enticing desserts.

• Gina and Wil (click the palm tree monogram to see this stationery suite)

Design by, Two Paperdolls

Last but definitely not least, this Florida wedding grabbed me from the get-go with their first course; the blue cheese and spiced pecan beggars purse. I like that the menu, by the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, adds a few twists on the traditional wedding meal. The first course is a perfect example, and so are the entreé sides… Just a bit of a twist on the foods most of us know and love. And to top off the beach inspired wedding, a light vanilla mouse- perfect!