Out of office reply


Hello all. Sorry for disappearing, just when things were going so well. We’ve wanted to write and fill everyone in on all the big news around here, but that’s the thing about big news- it usually comes with a lot of hustle and bustle, and that’s mostly what we’ve been up to.

So what’s all the hustle and bustle about? After four years Two Paperdolls and Louella have finally outgrown our spot here on Louella Court and we’re expanding with a move to a new location! Not to worry for those of you in the area, we’ll be just down the street… Still within walking distance of Johnnie’s Dog House milkshakes and fries. So mark your calendars- on Monday October 27th we will open the doors to our new and improved studio on West Avenue in Wayne!

When we close the doors on our storefront at the end of this week there are certainly things we will miss, but for the most part we are looking forward to the perks of all working in the same building with lots of studio and office space, and plenty of room for our presses and storage. And speaking of perks, we are beyond thrilled to be working with an amazing duo of interior designers at the new location. As designers ourselves, we realize the importance of putting this sort of large project in the hands of professionals, and that is just what we’ve been able to do with Winnie King and Laurie Shipley of Environements HC. The two have a unique talent for understanding the needs and style of a client, and bringing together an amazing mix of color, lighting, custom furniture and art. And it doesn’t hurt that their humor and patience means that working with them is a lot of fun, even in the midst of a move! Needless to say, we’re lucky to have their hands in turning a humble office building into a beautiful space that we will be proud to invite clients and friends to.

By now, we hope you’re wondering (like we are) what the studio will look like when it’s all said and done. Of course we’ll be posting plenty of photos with details about the transformation once we’re settled, but for now here’s a little sneak peek of what’s in store…

An organic linen paired with a pop of teal?

Imagine this in charcoal black

Storage anyone?

Stunning Simon Pearce

Love this silhouette

Check back soon for an update, complete with lots of photos of our new studio! For more information about Environments HC contact: environmentshc@aol.com.


2 Responses to “Out of office reply”

  1. Inspired Goodness Says:

    Congrats on the move ladies! I’m sure it will be warm and friendly and full of your smiling faces!!

  2. Growing and Growing and Growing… « Says:

    […] « Out of office reply […]

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