An elegant evening


At Louella Press, we love the opportunity to design a custom variation on one of our engraved pieces, and the invitations for this sophisticated affair are a perfect example. This chic couple came to our Chicago retailer, Pulp and Ink, and chose our Urban Flourish invitation. When they decided to add an extra bit of flair, we set to work and came up with the contemporary flower motif pictured below. The bride liked it so much that she incorporated the flower through the programs, place cards and menus that we also designed. To tie everything together, we sent our invitation design to the talented Chicago baker, Takes The Cake, and you’ll see how they used the florals in their stunning cake design. It’s always a treat to see how the pieces come together for a gorgeous evening!

Thanks so much to Artistin Events in Chicago for their beautiful photos of the soiree!

Hearn colage

An elegant evening

For more photos of the invitations, please see the custom work on our website. Photos nine and ten are of this unique peice. The inviation and all day of items were engraved in three colors on our stunning metallic gold stock.

In related news, we weren’t the only ones raising our eyebrows at the details of this sophisticated evening. You can find the wedding (along with lots of photos of our work) in the Summer 2008 issue of Inside Weddings. This magazine is well known for documenting unique and beautiful weddings for all different tastes. Pick up a copy while it’s still on the stands!

Inside Weddings Summer 2008

Inside Weddings Summer 2008

Inside Weddings Summer 2008 Hearn Story

Inside Weddings Summer 2008 Hearn Story


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