National Stationery Show 2008 – part 2


I promised in part one of my NSS coverage to fill you in on the exciting new designs that we introduced this year… well, better late than never!

This year we challenged ourselves to create new designs that are unmistakably Louella; the kind of designs that people will see and think “what a cool design!” but also immediately think of Louella Press. Each line is individually unique, but our bold designs tie everything together to create a collection that we are extremely proud of.

First up are our Black and White thank you cards (click on any image to view larger):

We love how these four designs connect as a set, but also each stand out with their own individual flair. The plaid may be something more for the preppier type, whereas the damask may appeal to someone with a taste for more vintage-meets-modern items.

We also introduced our Cool Grey birthday cards, each of which has a bold color paired with cool grey:

My personal fave is the clementine and grey, which reminds me of a peacock but with a colorful twist!

Next up are our Bold Tidings holiday ornaments:

We are absolutely enamored with the fun patterns and punchy colors of this set! My favorite is the green and gray flowers…. can you tell that I’m really loving gray these days?

For the person who likes the idea of our ornaments but wants something a little more classic, how about something from our Vintage Sparkle line?

To coordinate with both sets of ornaments, we thought adding some new folded gift tags into the mix would be fun for people who want to coordinate everything during the holiday season:

Finally, to top off a great batch of designs, we added a few new gems to our Occasion Cards:

We’re looking forward to getting our online shop updated soon to offer some of our fun new cards to the general public. Before we know it, we’re going to be designing next year’s collection!


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