If we can say one thing about our boss, it’s that she keeps things interesting around here. Yesterday, in light of her upcoming birthday, V announced that she wanted a puppy. Forty-five minutes later, she had spoken with a Great Dane breeder in Wilmington, and arranged to pick one up last night. And this morning, she brought the (now) little guy in to meet everyone.


Needless to say, the dolls have been more than willing to keep an eye on him during an extended napping session this morning. We’re looking forward to seeing him grow up, he may be taller than some of us soon!


3 Responses to “Clark.”

  1. Chrissy MacDougall Says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Oh my gosh, He’s Beautiful. You dolls are probably getting NO work done. You got the “itch” when you saw my two partners in crime here, huh? I’m so happy for you. He’s going to bring you so much joy. Your son will be able to ride him like a horse. Keep the pictures coming, I’m looking forward to seeing him grow!!

  2. Kendall Says:

    I suppose you’ll never run out of babysitters, eh???? What a gorgeous young man! I have to come over to play with him. Congratulations

  3. the diva Says:

    whaaaaaaatttttttt!!!!! i miss u gals and tpd and now i am missing my chance to be an auntie of clark!!!!!

    ahhhh … well please kit i could cry i miss the poop out of you.

    please come and visit.

    i am gettign a new pad and new car. i should be settled by oct.

    love u xoxox

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