Welcome to Louella Court


After much discussion and preparation, the Louella Court blog is finally here! Having said that, please be patient with us, as take-off might be a little bumpy.This blog will really serve as an outlet for us to discuss our work and highlight the design work that inspires us. Much of what we talk about will be stationery, since that’s what we do and what we love, but, like many of you, we find our inspiration in many places and we plan to share that with you as well.

I’ve mentioned “us” and “we”, so let me explain who “we” are. We are the folks who make up the sister companies, Two Paperdolls and Louella Press. Two Paperdolls is a custom design studio located near Philadelphia, PA. Louella Press offers letterpress cards and engraved stationery through some great retail partners across the country.

To start this blog on a happy note, I’d like to thank papercrave who, earlier this week, gave Louella Press a very nice mention. And another thanks to snippet & ink who found a spot for one of our invitations in her cool and preppy inspiration board.Check back again for more updates. Happy Thursday!


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